Big efforts and the right strategy


1964 everything started
At that time the company founder Fritz Oswald sen. concentrated on the marketing of Styrian fruits, vegetables and wild fruits.

1982 Purchase of fruit-storehouse Prebensdorf
Certainly this was one of the most strategic steps in our company's history. With the purchasing of this storehous we had a company located in the middle of the most importand fruit-growing area in Austria.

1985 our range extended
At the same time, with the entering of both sons Günter and Fritz Oswald jun. into the management of the company the product range was expanded to frozen fruits

1992 the trading with Eastern Europe started
Especially purchasing and selling areas in Poland, the Ukraine and Romania were opened.

1994-2006 Numerous alterations in our warehouse in Prebensdorf
Due to the enormous increase of the qualtity of appleas in eastern Styria our storehous had been to small and we had to increase the sice constantly. Also the technical equipment was brought up to date during this periode.

2011 the company in Maierhof was totally rebuilt.
The head office was renewed and expanded.
Togehter with the location in Prebensdorf we are now employing approx. 80 people. Even the now second generation of family Oswald uses forward-looking strategy and a high level of quality - and that with great success.


The company in the course of the time:

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Location Prebensdorf

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